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I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been hard at work. My new website is on the cusp of emerging from the cyber ether, but she's not there yet. Apparently one site has to talk to another and make nice so that my web site name can play with... Continue Reading →

Brave Enough

Though I like to think that most folks would be surprised to hear it, I am basically a walking ball of fear and anxiety. As a little girl, I was afraid of the dark, climbing trees, white vans, water, whatever lived in the closet, and pretty much everything else that wasn’t a book. I’ve never... Continue Reading →


My mother was a slight woman, maybe five-two. When she was about eighty, she cut back on her beloved bread with meals because she had topped into the one-forties and felt she was a bit chubby. Her pants no longer fit as well as she would have liked. I’m pretty sure my bare skeleton weighs... Continue Reading →

WARNING: This Post Just Might Piss You Off…

…but then again, maybe that’s what you need. I know occasionally it is for me. The beautiful Cheryl Brehm, one of our models this past weekend when I “wasn’t” a photographer. Photo credit Once Around Venus Photography. How our sentences are structured — in our minds, in our speech — seems so minor. “I am an athlete,” seems to... Continue Reading →

Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman The past two weeks at my “real job” have held some of the most emotionally, physically, and intellectually taxing shifts that I have had in years. For ten to twelve hours at a time, I felt like I was quickly stomping out one fire only to hear the desperate cries of need at... Continue Reading →

Starting Off Right

As a rule, my mother wasn’t a superstitious person. She did, however, hesitate to turn around once a journey was started. Her mom said it was bad luck. My grandmother also made sure to call on New Year’s Eve to remind us not to wash clothes and “wash away” a loved one in the coming... Continue Reading →

Whoa, Oh, It’s Magic

Sometimes we find ourselves in moments that make us wonder if they are real. I’m not talking about the soul sucking horror of moments we wish weren’t happening. I’m talking about the magical ones, when the light beams across the background bathing everything in a gentle glow. Dust motes or snow or rain or leaves... Continue Reading →

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