Does It Serve You?

These last few days I’ve been frustrated with myself, feeling like I don’t put a big enough dent in anything. Three years later, I still suck at jiu jitsu. A month into yet another work out program, I have lost exactly zero pounds and feel no faster, no stronger. My book I started years ago?... Continue Reading →

Little Things

Last night was a beautiful autumn night. Just a little crisp. A bit of a breeze tiptoed through the drying leaves on the trees, whispering to those who bothered to listen. The lake lapped at its shores. A flock of mallards quacked themselves into a cove and settled into what I can only presume was... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Listening

What I am reading often influences my posts. On my drive to this hotel, I listened to Brene Brown’s latest book Braving the Wilderness, and I pondered her wisdom. Her thoughts triggered mine, and as I drove, I began to plan what I might write. Then I arrived, checked in, pressed the up button for... Continue Reading →

When In Doubt

There was a time in my life when I was meek and quiet. I sat at the front of a classroom, stood at the back of a group of people. Somewhere during residency I became a different person. Some time in the course of becoming that person, I was standing in the emergency department, two... Continue Reading →


I have always been nocturnal, so while I love sunrises, I prefer to see them at the end of the night, not the beginning of the day. Sometimes, as I drive home from work, I get treated to the awakening of the rest of the world. The fog in the hollows begins to pull back... Continue Reading →

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